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Re: Copying a bootable CD

28.06.2011 15:39, Martin McCormick:

> I have a bootable live CD of an out-dated version of a
> specialized distribution of Debian called Vinux. I never saved
> the ISO image and I now want to copy from the CDRW it is on to a
> CDR to use as a rescue disk on systems that can not read CDRW's.
> 	The CDRW works fine so what is the best way to rip it
> such that I end up with an ISO image I can burn to a CDR?

If you don't want to use the CD copy function of one of the GUI burning
programs, you can, for example, do the following:
insert the CDRW into the drive and do
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=vinux.iso
(replace "/dev/cdrom" with the device node for your drive, if different).
Afterwards, you can burn the resulting "vinux.iso" as an image(!) to disk.

This is not necessarily "the best" way to do it but it should be a way
that works.


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