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Re: Iceape's inability to render sites

On 2011-06-26, Robert Holtzman <holtzm@cox.net> wrote:
> I'm having trouble with Iceweasel's inability to correctly render sites=20
> that use java. This includes my bank and broker which prevents me
>=66rom making Squeeze my primary distro. Running "locate jre" turns up
> a bunch of files including gcj-4.4-jre related ones, so I assume I have
> java runtime installed (I'm also *assuming* it's a java problem). I've
> also tried, at various times and in various combinations, sun-java6-jre,
> sun-java6-plugin, openjdk-6-jre, and icedtea6-plugin, all to no avail.
> I'm beginning to wonder if this really is a java problem.

Could you provide examples of sites which do not work for you?

Liam O'Toole
Cork, Ireland

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