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Re: Installing some packages needs not original DVD

On Friday 24 June 2011 18:35:34 Daniel Skowroński wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using Debian 6 x86_64 on netbook (Acer AOD255 - Intel Atom N450 1.66
> GHz with HT & 2GB RAM). In Software Center there are some packages that
> needs DVD to install. When I was trying to install Chromium there is alert
> like that (I'm translating from polish): "CD/DVD 'Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.0
> _Squeze_ - Official *i386 * DVD Binary-1 20110205-17:27 is required". There
> is also information, that I have to mount it to /media/cdrom to install.
> For first I don't have DVD in my netbook, but i can plug in my DVD via SATA
> bridge on USB (in the same way I installed Debian). But I have only
> *x86_64*media and system doesn't let me to continue with wrong
> architecture.
> I know that I could download & compile it from sources but *it's stupid
> that I need DVD to install some packages if I have Internet!* There are
> some packages like Chromium which I can't install using Internet
> connection. It's main idea for installing some packages only form DVD, but
> system says that I should use DVD* with other **architecture. *

Have you commented out the DVD in your /etc/apt/sources.list?  If not, that is 
the probable cause of your problem and is easily rectified.  (You also, of 
course, need network sources in your sources.list, but I assume that you have 
got those??)


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