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Re: Screensaver/power management that is able to recognise videos

On Fri, 24 Jun 2011 08:14:15 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> is there a screensaver and/or power management able to recognise videos?
> A screensaver and power management is useful for me, since I use a CRT
> monitor. 'Burn in' and high load are issues for CRT monitors OTOH they
> are needed for some kind of artwork. Unfortunately screensavers and
> power management tend to ignore usage, if a user is watching a video.

In KDE, there was a option that I liked so much but I don't see it in 
GNOME. It was the power manager profile applet which allowed the user to 
switch into a "presentation mode" where screensaver and display power 
manager settings were completeley disabled. I found it very convenient 
when I needed to keep the screen always on within just one click.

> PS: Please carbon copy to my email address, since I need to receive
> digest only and if I reply to a digest, some people are not comfortable
> with the replies source code. 

Sorry but I can't ;-(

> I respect that some people wish to have detailed source codes of
> emails, that isn't changed regarding to the message-ID, hopefully they
> respect that I can't receive 800 mails a day, so I really need to
> receive digest from several mailing lists, especially for a mailing
> list as Debian's, publishing email addresses by an open archive and
> doesn't filter HTML spam.

Did you think about the NNTP (newsreader) option? ;-)



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