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Re: which iso for vm guest on win 7 64 bit

On Mi, 22 iun 11, 23:15:53, Harry Putnam wrote:
> The only netinst iso I see that has anything to indicate it is 64 bit
> is named amd64.  So when a PC is running Intel64, is there a 64 bit
> ISO for that?
AMD developed it, which is why Debian calls it amd64, even if it runs on 
any x86_64

> I am installing Debian as guest in a vm running on win7 64 bit.  Since
> the ARCH is not amd, is there a 64 bit iso to use in that case?

Are you sure your VM software supports 64bit guests (on your hardware)? 
If you allocate 4 GB or less RAM to the vm you might be better of with 

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