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Re: news/mail client and the text borders

Excerpts from Davide Baldini's message of 2011-06-13 04:28:18 +0200:
> What software do you use for mail/news?
> I see all your messages are proudly well formatted and perfectly fit in
> pages of 80 columns, while I have to push return each line. If i forget, 
> lines gets splitted in my window but then when i send it out i
> see the big mistake...
> is there any margins setting? I use icedove (thunderbird 3.0.11)

I use a CLI mailer (sup) and vim for text editing, so in my case it's
vim that does the line wrapping. If memory serves vim is told that what
it edits is a mail and behaves accordingly, but there certainly are
manual settings for this stuff too.

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