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Re: PS/2 mouse vs USB mouse

On 08/06/11 03:37, Lisi wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 June 2011 14:23:19 Camaleón wrote:
>>  I'm using a PS/2 mouse with Debian and
>> works very well.
> +1  Moreover, it has a ball not a light.  I dread the day it dies!!
> Lisi


Ball mice never die! (they just lose their balls, seriously)
Cottonwool bud and a screwdriver is all you need ;-p

I only use PS/2 mice (preferably Optical) *and* keyboards with Debian.
Saves power for the USB devices, makes use of the existing PS/2 ports,
co-operates with BIOS, PXE boot, and KVMs.

It's often difficult to purchase PS/2 input devices as they retail for
the same price as the USB devices, but wholesale at more. I generally
find retailers who stock PS/2 mice and keyboards also stock other
quality components and have better prices too.

Genius make a nice PS/2 Optical Wheel Mouse (XScroll), and Logitech make
a nice PS/2 keyboard (K100). There are other models and brands - but
those are cheap, reliable, and relatively easy to source.


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