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Fwd: Setting CPU affinity for binaries in given directory

2011/6/6 William Hopkins <we.hopkins@gmail.com>:
> On 06/06/11 at 02:50pm, darkestkhan wrote:
>> Is there any way to specify CPU affinity for binaries
>> launched from given directory (and it's subdirectories) ?
> AFAIK, no. You can set up a process watcher to scan for processes with a certain name and set their affinity, or you can call the processes with a set affinity at start. If you're calling an executable, call it with a processor affinity (which should be inherited by child processes). If it's a script, modify it to call with affinity.
> The command to set affinity on a running process, or launch a new process with given CPU affinity is 'taskset'.
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> Liam

If I set CPU affinity of BOINC manager will also programs launched by
BOINC manager have set CPU affinity?

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