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Re: Debian Questions on apt-get

On Mon, Jun 06, 2011 at 11:03:36AM -0500, Matt wrote:
> I have worked with Centos quite a bit in past though no expert.
> Giving Debian a whirl now.
> yum update

This becomes "apt-get update" in debian.

> or:
> yum install package_name

apt-get install package_name

> To find a package I also frequently do something like this:
> yum list available |grep abr_package_name

This is either "apt-cache search abr_package_name" to look for
prospective packages or "dpkg -l abr_package_name" to show the state of
packages on your system.

> Now on Centos when I do 'yum update' after a fresh install I usually
> get offered a good number of patches etc.  When I do 'apt-get update'
> I seem to get nothing.

Is your sources.list now empty? Having commented out the CD-ROM, you may
need to uncomment one of the other 'deb' lines there. You probably want
something of the form:

deb http://http.XX.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib

(where XX is your country code)

> So are there really no patches available or am I doing something
> wrong?  How do I get it too download and install new packages with
> apt-get or whatever rather then using the CD?

The other alternative is that you only have something like the above in
your sources.list.

Debian stable is, as it says, in a stable state. That is, the operating
system is released and then will remain in a frozen state until a so
called 'point release' (like a service pack).

If you want regular updates, you should look into either Debian's
'stable-updates' service[1] or switch to the testing distribution.
Testing consists of a fairly stable system, but a moving target. It is
strongly recommended that a server runs stable software, of course.

> Is there a FAQ or something out there for users coming from CentOS to Debian?
> Thanks.

[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/proposed-updates

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