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Re: google to pull support for firefox 3,5

On 06/02/11 at 03:56pm, shawn wilson wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2011 3:35 PM, "Nuno Magalhães" <nunomagalhaes@eu.ipp.pt> wrote:
> >
> > If their excuse was lack of standards' compliance maybe it'd kinda
> > make sense. If. There's something called graceful degradation and it
> > does "force" people to buy newer hardware. How green of Google Inc.
> > Reminds me to start migrating away from their products and start
> > treating them as Microsoft's. Guess i'll learn exim et al :)
> > </rant>
> >
> Politics aside, I actually wish more companies would do this. I've told
> people for about a year now that I'll make web sites work for ie9 and
> everything else or it'll just be tested for a certain version of ie. Not
> supporting ff3.5 is a bit radical imo but I can understand.
> However, its probably because (IIRC) firefox is going to stop supporting it
> and force upgrades as much as possible. IIRC, they're tired of writing
> security patches for 3.5 when they've changed their code base do much.

Whether mozilla stops supporting firefox 3.5 or not should have no bearing on whether a given website should work in it. 
Perhaps gmail desktop alerts shouldn't work, and you would be advised to upgrade if you wanted them, but gmail as a whole should continue working.
...as should all other google 'apps'...

Hell, I can use gmail in ie5. Why not ff3.5?


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