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Re: Number of systems running user Debian? ; gre

On Ma, 31 mai 11, 01:01:05, giovanni_re wrote:
> What numeric info is available about the # of systems running Debian for
> users (desktop, laptop, notebook, not server)?
> Any breakdown by country?
> What #'s are there for # of daily apt-get update requests?
> Thanks :)
> http://royal.pingdom.com/2011/05/12/the-top-20-strongholds-for-desktop-linux

The only "official" Debian survey I know of is 'popularity-contest' 
(popcon). While it's mostly intended to monitor package use[1] it does 
have total numbers of submissions.

However, since Debian values user privacy there is a special question 
during the installation (defaulting to "No") to ask for user's consent 
about gathering the data and submitting it (anonymously, of course).

Also popcon needs a working MTA setup to submit the data, which is not 
really common these days and was known to rely on 'atime'[2], while it 
is not uncommon to mount file systems with 'noatime'.

Because of all these reasons popcon data is far from being accurate to 
try to guess absolute numbers (ex. total numbers of users), but it is 
good for comparisons (package A is x times more popular than package B).

[1] one less known feature of popcon is 'popcon-largest-unused'
[2] not sure if this is still the case

Not really helpful, but I thought you might want to know :)

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