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Re: Samba usershares & permissions problem

On 27/05/11 05:18, William Hopkins wrote:
On 05/26/11 at 05:34pm, Alan Chandler wrote:
I have a fairly simple requirement

I am running Debian Unstable on my Desktop and I want to provide a
folder for my Windows 7 laptop to deposit some files.

I thought that the simplest approach would be using samba on its
own, but I then discovered the existance of nautilus-share which
should make it so much easier when I want to swap around things.
You were initially correct. Running samba alone would be simpler from a troubleshooting perspective.
I suggest you try that, get it working (there are numerous tutorials on the web, forum posts, the archive for debian-user and probably a samba ML) and then compare the config to what nautilus-share is creating.

Also, more people are likely to be familiar with samba itself than nautilus-share.

We I gave up on Nautilus share and just made a bog standard share, specified within smb.conf. That seems to work well and easily meets my needs, so will not pursue this further.

Thanks for the other comments in this thread

Alan Chandler

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