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Re: Samba usershares & permissions problem

On 05/26/11 at 05:34pm, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I have a fairly simple requirement
> I am running Debian Unstable on my Desktop and I want to provide a
> folder for my Windows 7 laptop to deposit some files.
> I thought that the simplest approach would be using samba on its
> own, but I then discovered the existance of nautilus-share which
> should make it so much easier when I want to swap around things.
You were initially correct. Running samba alone would be simpler from a troubleshooting perspective.
I suggest you try that, get it working (there are numerous tutorials on the web, forum posts, the archive for debian-user and probably a samba ML) and then compare the config to what nautilus-share is creating.

Also, more people are likely to be familiar with samba itself than nautilus-share.
> But I don't understand why.  Can anyone help
Good luck!


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