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SSD partition alignment considerations

I'm about to do a fresh install of Debian onto a new box with a Crucial
M4 128GB SSD. I want to ensure that I get the best performance I can out
of the SSD so I want to make sure I take care of any partition alignment

I have read tytso's blog post
but that post is a couple of years old now and may not be relevant.
Also, I cannot find any specific information on the M4's erase block
size but some hints suggest it may be 512kiB, not the 128kiB used in
that blog post (and the c/h/s settings no longer work for 512kiB

It is necessary to worry about alignment anymore with modern SSDs? The
Debian installer did not seem to have any special handling that I could
see, so I suspect I would have to pre-partition the drive and tell the
installer to use the existing partitions.

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