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Re: (hopefully perl) API to /etc/network/interfaces?

On 05/26/11 18:13, William Hopkins wrote:
> On 05/26/11 at 05:16pm, Mike Mestnik wrote:
>> In-Reply-To: <20080412023656.GR14599@yi.org>
>> Hello,
>>   This is an old thread, but I find myself in a similar situation.  I'd
>> like to edit a 4in6 tunnel endpoint and reconfigure the interface. 
>> While I can handle the Apache/sudo parts of this I'm stuck with... OK
>> now how and I going to change this one value out of this whole file?
>> My current plan is to convert the file to XML storing away comments and
>> partial white space as well as the settings.  Then I should be able to
>> edit the setting a write the file back out.
>> Any better ideas?  For this project Perl seams to be the ideal language.
>> I may contact the ifupdown maintainer to include this in his package, so
>> I'm looking to get it done right.
> Generally, there's no desire for added abstractions to configuration files. 
> If you need to have network things done automatically which can't be handled by the file itself, add post-ups and write some scripts. Or write scripts which parse current network info from ifconfig/ip. /etc/network/interfaces is a file used by the debian networking scripts to set up your default interfaces, not the be-all end-all of networking configuration. 
I hadn't though of that.  I was merely trying to automate/script a task
that was being performed manually.  The task included changing this
configuration file.  The solution may be to abstract parts of this
configuration file that would then be updated by scripts/users doing
things manually.

I believe you have slightly misunderstood me.  I need(would like to) to
alter network settings based on CGI scripts from Apache.  Can these
variables be abstracted?  I don't see how a pre-up script can
effect/alter configuration settings.  As an example the address or
gateway settings for a static method.  In my experience I'm specifically
trying to alter the "endpoint" setting for a "v4tunnel" method.

I'm just as confused trying to accomplish this as I was when I started. 
It's something a user can do simple with an editor, but trying to do it
programing and correctly is my stumbling block.  "IF" I could store the
value of this setting in a file that would solve my issue, I can replace
the contents of the file and then proceed as usual.

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