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Re: Building Chromium from source on Debian 6.0.1 Stable

On 2011-05-27, William Hopkins <we.hopkins@gmail.com> wrote:
>  On 05/26/11 at 10:57pm, Perry Thompson wrote:
> > Following my previous question, someone recommended I build Chromium
> > from source. Is that possible to do on Stable? I tried to do it from
> > apt-get, but there were still dependency issues. Am I doing it wrong?
> > Should I be doing it another way?
> >
> > If I remember correctly, I tried...
> >
> > sudo apt-get source chromium-browser

apt-get source can be run as normal user as well.

> > sudo apt-get build-dep chromium-browser
>  You should build-dep first.
> > Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
>  I missed the original thread, can you link it? Why are you building from so=
>  urce? Using the debian tools, you'll just end up with an identical copy to =
>  the binary version already available.

Not really, as he is building on stable, using (I guess) the source
from sid, which has the latest version.

There is a new distro, Progress Linux [1], which is essentially squeeze
+ some backports. Their archive has backports [2] of iceweasel, icedove,
chromium and other common packages. While I have not used the chromium
packages, I did try iceweasel and icedove and it installed OK on my
squeeze system. There is also a source repo for the backports, so you
can see what changes, if any, from the sid version were made to make the
backport work.

[1]: http://progress-linux.org
[2]: http://progress-linux.org/releases/artax-backports/1.9.0_pre1/


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