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Re: [SOLVED] need help with clamav

On Thu 26 May 2011 at 13:04:38 -0400, Mark Grieveson wrote:

Apologies for picking this out and snipping your very useful technical
response but . . . .

> Others here have argued that it's not necessary to worry about viruses
> and stuff when using Linux, but I still like to do it to feel a bit
> safer (admittedly, if I were to deactivate the root account and set up
> some sort of sudo thingy, as seems more common now, I might be safer --
> but oh well).

Feeling safer and being safer are not the same. I bet you agree with
that. The way I understand it is that clamv doesn't protect a Debian
machine so, having no other OS here, it has no function I can use.

As for sudo being inherently safer - there are arguments for and
against. I'm not convinced it is. Whatever is meant by safer.

>                It seems like the right thing to do good to actively try
> not to spread viruses and malware (even if such malware doesn't affect
> your own system.)  It's the act of a decent netizen, I feel.

Broadly I agree with your sentiments. Now all that remains is to
convince the other 100,000,000+ who run everything as root to adopt the
same atitude. Antivirus software is for after the event. Failure has
already taken place.

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