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Re: Anyone solved the b43legacy 1 Mb/s issue in Squeeze?

On 5/25/2011 10:28 PM, Mark wrote:
> This is a long-standing issue with b43legacy wireless and transmission rates
> being slow, across various Linux distros and many years.  Since I upgraded
> to Squeeze I was hopeful the rate issue would be fixed but alas it is not.
> I can run "iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M" to get wicd and iwconfig to say it's 54
> Mb/s but it's actually connected at 1 Mb/s in reality.  Any chance someone
> on this list has figured out a solution that my hours of Googling did not
> produce?  ndiswrapper didn't solve the problem based on other peoples'
> experiences, FWIW.

Providing some technical information may actually get you some help.
You've stated you have a speed problem with a wireless card, but didn't
even state which card, or rev of chip.  The way you've formed your
inquiry you have limited possible responders to those on this list who
actually have the same exact Broadcom chip you have, but you haven't
stated which one you have.

This is a technical mailing list.  Provide some technical details please.


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