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Re: Serial Console Access

On Mon, 23 May 2011 14:09:54 -0400, Chris Brennan wrote:

> How ironic ... the power blinked and that machine rebooted, when it came
> back up, I saw it boot via the serial console, but it would freeze
> during the boot process w/
> "Loading the saved-state of the serial devices..."
> I then manually rebooted the box a few times and it always said the same
> thing, a few times though, it would print a few characters of garbage
> and then hang, no physical console access or serial access. The only way
> I got the machine to come back up was to unplug the serial cable from
> that box and it came back up normal ... now this isn't normal or wanted
> behavior and it needs to be adjusted.

Check if you have any parameters for the serial ports saved in one of the 
configuration files where the init script look at, that is, "/etc/
serial.conf" or "/var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf".
> BTW, I bumped it back up to 115200 (as that is the max speed of that
> card and the card in my windows machine, when I do connect via serial,
> it does work and quite well. I also updated my inittab from TO to use
> co, not sure if that made a difference but based on what I read, as long
> as it was unique, it didn't matter, co seemed more logical anyway. Now
> question, does Debian treat co special? Would there be issues or should
> I choose another two-letter abriviation such as se/SE/sc/SC for serial
> console? Only reason I point it out is because of my trouble getting
> console w/ keyboard and not serial....

"man inittab" states that the "id" field can be whatever string, 
containing 1-4 characters so that's up to the user. I think the pre-
selected ones "T0", "T1"... are just a matter of identification easiness 
(Terminal 0, Terminal 1, etc...).



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