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Re: Serial Console Access

On Sun, 22 May 2011 18:05:47 -0400, Chris Brennan wrote:

> I've embarked on the trial and error process of setting up a serial
> console on my Debian 6 machine. So far, the configuration has been
> pretty straight forward. As a reference point I used the following two
> websites


115200 is a bit high speed rate, for testing I would lower that value and 
once it works, you can play with this.

> In windows, I've got a 2-port serial card, it is properly recognized as
> COM3 and COM4. When I try to open a connection to the Debian box via
> COM3/COM4, all I get is a black screen and I can't tell if I am actually
> connected to the serial console or not .... I am curious if I missed
> something here ... I tend to experiment a lot and serial access would
> just make things so much easier when I am forced to reboot this box and
> it doesn't come back up ... a lot easier then lugging a 60lb CRT onto my
> desk to plug into that computer ....

I suppose you already rebooted the computer you wanted to connect to, 

OTOH, /etc/inittab can be restarted/reloaded by issuing "telinit q", or 
at least that was what I used on another distributions, in Debian I'm not 
sure if remains the same (reviewing the manual...) hum, yep, it's the 
same :-)



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