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Re: Automounting USB drives

On 19/05/11 13:30, Matt Harrison wrote:
I recently did a base install and then installed a handful of packages
to get myself X and Openbox running on my system using XFE for my file
manager.  I am running into an issue where when I plug my external
(NTFS) hard drive in to my machine, it is not automounting like it
would if I had XFCE installed first.  I added my user to the plugdev
group and I can manually mount it.  However, I would like to have it
automount again without having an entry in /etc/fstab.

Is there a volume manager I can install outside of the DE environment
to get this working again?  I have been searching for a couple of days
now but I have not found anything yet.


This may/ not be appropriate to your needs, so FWIW, on my Gnome DE I have set up a USB FreeAgent drive which is automounted at bootup (I'm the only one using the machine) and refreshes at each login with a link/ icon set up to appear on my desktop.

If that's what you are after, then this may help. This is how I get this to work, bearing in mind that some of these rules are to keep the drive loaded so that it is available, because these drives have a habit of spinning down apparently:

1. Download ntfs-3g from the repos

2. Set up rules
Change the text as you need to for the make, etc., of your drive then save as 85-usb-hd-fix.rules:

BUS=="scsi",KERNEL=="sd?",SYSFS{vendor}=="Seagate",SYSFS{model}=="FreeAgentDesktop",RUN+="/usr/bin/usbhdfix %k"

3. Write and save config file for usbhdfix

echo 1024 > /sys/block/$1/device/max_sectors
echo 1 > /sys/block/$1/device/scsi_disk:*/allow_restart

4. Copy these 2 files to their respective places

sudo cp 85-usb-hd-fix.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo cp usbhdfix /usr/bin

5. Initialise

sudo /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g /sbin/mount.ntfs mount

This gives you an automounted usb drive with an icon on your desktop and that is always available to you.



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