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Gnome start menu on ubuntu

(This might be a ubuntu themeing issue)

I installed ubuntu 11.04 on an HP netbook. Everything works great (even the bt43 WiFi wasn't that bad) except the start (ubuntu) menu (and I'm not crazy about the quick launch bar or it being on the left). How do I get a "normal" start menu?

Lets define "normal" (or what I don't like about this menu):
It takes up the whole screen.
It doesn't list all of my applications.
It has large icons.

Now, I see that the menu in older versions looks ok so maybe there's a setting to revert back. I also don't any questions about this in my googling so maybe I'm doing it wrong or just don't get something here. I found a 'Win7-2' theme, settings, etc type package which made some things look more windowsey but had no effect on the start menu, quick launch, or even the mac like way of putting application menus on a bar outside the application.

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