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speech-dispatcher always falls back to espeak

Hi list,

accidently I updated kttsd to the version, which is using speech-disptcher. 
Formerly I was using kttsd-4.3.4, which was still not using speech dispatcher, 
and in which I could use mbrola.

As I cannot revert, I tried to configure speech-dispatcher and kttsd to my 
needs, but I found no way, to get either festival nor flite or mbrola running 
as output module. 

1. All necessary packages are installed.

2. I uncommented the entries modules for festival, espeak-generic-mbrola and 
flite in /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf.

3. Checked: Modules are loaded.

4. Checked: path to mbrola voices are ok.

5. Checked: festival is running.

6. Checked: binaries for flite and festival are available.

7. Output module is alsa, as pulseaudio (not installed), does not support my 

8. Tried a user specific configuration with spd-conf, whatever I am telling to 
use, speech-dispatcher is still using espeak instead of festival or flite.

9. In the GUI of kttsmgr 
	a) I cannot choose other languages (except when using espeak),
	b) when chosing flite as output, it is only telling in English (but German 
	is required)

I suppose it might be a bug, there is is already a bugreport by me, which 
might be related to this. That bugreport was closed, but IMO it should be 
reopended. Can someone else check, if he is able to use the combination of 
speech-dipatcher + festival|mbrola + German-language (de)?

Thank you for any hints.

Best regards


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