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Re: Console Messed Up for Nvidia Drivers

20/05/2011 13:22, David Baron wrote:
> This is a very long-standing problem for both the proprietary and Debian
> Nvidia drivers, legacy and current: When switching out of X (i.e.
> control/alt/F1), the console font is quite large and the lower half of
> each line appears doubled under the line. (In contrast, Nouveau gives a
> small screen font.)
> Possibly, there is something, harmless to Xorg, that can go into
> xorg.conf to fix this?

If you are grub2 you can try to set the desired resolution(s) in


This will affect grub menu before the kernel takes over, to preserve the
chosen resolution you can use:


or specify a resolution instead of keeping the one from gfxmode. But how
"harmless" this is depends on your setup, side effects can range from
boot process hanging to nasty Xsession corruption when going back and
forth from the vt. Here it works fine though with sid Nvidia packages.

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