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Re: login as root to GUI

19/05/2011 18:17, Dick Bayerl wrote:
> I am frustrated.  I have tried installing both UBUNTU and DEBIAN with
> the same problem.  I never can login to root so I can't make changes to
> various files.  Not the owner.  I am just now installing DEBIAN on a
> second machine and keeping careful notes about the password to see if
> that will work.  I really like the idea of working with DEBIAN and hope
> I can get past this issue.
> Dick Bayerl

Hi, don't login as root in X, instead deactivate temporarily X-session
access control, and launch desired gui tool as root:

xhost +

sudo whatever_gui_tool

Or you can use the "x" su-to-root util from your desktop environment,
gksu for Gnome or kdesu for KDE :

alt + F2  (keys "alt" and "F2" pressed simultaneously)

gksu whatever_gui_tool

This way you can launch gedit or nautilus with root privileges.

To re-enable X-session control use "xhost -".

Hope it help alleviate the frustration ;-) .

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