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Re: Re: Bug#611380: openssh-client: sftp's put -r fails with "Unable to canonicalise path"

> >  
> >  I am attempting to upload files onto my webserver using sftp.  As
> >  far as I can 
> >  tell from reading the man pages and searching online, the correct
> >  syntax once 
> >  connected via sftp is:
> >  
> >  put -r * 
> I'm no expert myself, but shouldn't that be
>    mput *

mput doesn't seem to be an sftp command. Maybe you were thinking of
lftp? But lftp's mput command doesn't appear to do recursion. lftp has
a reverse mirror command "mirror -R" which looks like it will do the
job. You can connect to an sftp server with lftp using a command like
lftp sftp://username@host/path/to/dir

Another alternative would be to use rsync e.g.
rsync -aiz files username@host:/path/to/dir


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