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Re: So much for Skype.


I'm going to snip an awful lot [around 18KB of text email] now, but your email was a great read! The size was impressive even with the biggish chunks of referred text, there was plenty of new dialogue.

annathemermaid@hush.com wrote:
So your father bought a new laptop to use XP again. If he really
wanted to use XP again, it would've been sufficient for him to
simply buy a new install disc and license, but in any case, he was
obviously sufficiently financially well off to afford it.

Some laptops are cheaper than buying a FPP these days, amazing.

Okay, so I snipped almost the lot ;-)

The other thing is that you can run a SIP service via a ATA or even a VoIP capable modem/router. No need to have a computer on. There are models that do Skype as well, without needing the computer on.

Skype has SIP service as well, but I've always been wary of Skype for all sorts of reasons -- mostly due to the proprietary code used, then I always considered Skype-Out / Skype-In to be great hooks and I wasn't going to get hooked. Then there is the whole security risk of using Skype, it pokes it's own holes through firewalls and takes advantage of super user rights whenever it can, silently! And another reason to steer clear is the potential for huge data usage via "accidentally" becoming a "super server" node.

Right now, I am finding that SIP has been good for quite a while, there are PSTN options that can compete these days too. Using both PSTN and SIP is the way to go.


Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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