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Re: Gnome 3 from experimental - how do you change wallpaper

On 18/05/11 14:50, Jon Dowland wrote:
On 18/05/11 12:35, Alan Chandler wrote:
Thanks, I found gsettings now. It looks like I haven't yet got much of
gnome3 installed - what is this common display applet? - the new
gnome-shell doesn't seem to give me any options to access applets?

(I guess this message was off-list? Either way I'm missing it)

I only realised after the exchange that I was off list.

have you upgraded gnome-control-center?  It's under "Background" in there,
and it can be invoked via "System settings" on the drop-down menu from the
right-hand side.

It seems I have some dependancy problems that are preventing an upgrade for this package. Haven't quite figured out what yet, but it seems that ssmtp seems to be broken as a result of the upgrade.

I haven't time to track it down right now, but will look at it later

After about a day of using gnome 3, I realise that each action is a fraction harder than it used to be - and there are some little niggling issues.

For instance, when I switch workspace, I would have hoped that it opened right back at full screen mode, where as it opens at minimise mode - requiring another action to get at full screen.

Also - in my previous mode, my favorite application icons (firefox, thunderbird, gedit, terminal and file browser, and to a less extent as not used as frequently - mythtv) were accessable via a single click as they occupied a small slot in the top panel - now I first have to miminise the windows (my moving the mouse to the top left corner) before being able to select from my favorites.

I am also finding that I accidently minimise quite frequently. I miss the back button on the browser, or I just sometimes knock the mouse with my arm whilst working on my other computer (laptop) side by side.

I am reminded of a document I wrote in 2005 as a thought experiment in what the desktop should become http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk/2005/04/a-new-vision-for-the-desktop/ . I had intended following up with more thoughts and maybe an implementation, but life has been too busy with other things to take it forward. I think we are starting to see some elements of these thoughts in new approaches to the old metaphore and that is why I would like to give them a try and see what really works.

Alan Chandler

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