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Re: Re: Touchpad not work - Laptop

> There is "psmouse.proto=imps" appended at the GRUB's
> kernel line, is that right? :-?

I found that in the ubuntu forum and I try it. But, no success.

> And it seems there are two USB devices detected and
> configured.

Yes! Both external mouse and kbd.

> Did you boot with the external keyboard and mouse attached?

No! I need to do so to login.

> try to boot with none of them connected

Yes! I do this.

But, to login, I need to conect they.

Now, I send a Xorg.0.log with only KBD USB attached.


I did:

1. remove all usb device and restart the system

2. when the gdm3 prompt me the login screen, I have pluged the USB
external Keyboard and login.

3. I have removed the USB Keyboard

4. I have sent the Xorg.).log to pastebin

Thank you very much!

Marcelo Luiz de Laia

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