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wheezy and amd64 k8 machine

Generates udev diagnostics I think just after base system is installed and 
probably in the vicinity of grub installation.  With Lenny, it wasn't 
possible to install the new grub with this hardware so the system remained 
with the old grub.  Earlier I was trying to do an install so I could catch 
those errors in a log file but couldn't find any kernel modules using a 
netinst disk on the network.  I hope logging doesn't interfere with dhcp 
network access.  I think I saved some log file to floppy and will have to 
check that and get what details could have been saved.  What has me 
worried about udev though is that these messages start out with udev 
followed by hex values and don't have error or warning in them so far as I 
can tell.  I don't know that the error logging facility will even capture 
these errors.

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