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Re: apt-get update: nothing downloaded from a mirror

On Ma, 17 mai 11, 18:41:01, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2011-05-17 14:28:07 +0300, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> > AFAIK apt calls dpkg to do the actual package installation, but other 
> > then that they are quite disconnected. I see no reason for apt to touch 
> > /var/lib/dpkg/available or /var/lib/dpkg/updates.
> OK.
> > What exactly are you trying to achieve?
> An upgrade was failing with:
> dpkg: error: failed to open package info file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' for reading: No such file or directory
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)
> So, I thought that dpkg expected to find something in it.

It seems like it ;)

A quick google search for that file pointed to this:

,----[ man dpkg ]
| --update-avail, --merge-avail Packages-file
|   Update dpkg's and dselect's idea of which packages are 
|   available. With action --merge-avail, old information is combined with 
|   information from Packages-file. With action --update-avail, old 
|   information is replaced with the information in the Packages-file. The  
|   Packages-file distributed with Debian is simply named Packages. dpkg 
|   keeps its record of available packages in /var/lib/dpkg/available.
|   A  simpler one-shot command to retrieve and update the available file 
|   is dselect update. Note that this file is mostly useless if you don't 
|   use dselect but an APT-based frontend: APT has its own system to keep 
|   track of available packages.

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