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Re: specific kernel configuration for graphic card driver

> Hi! Googling suggests that we need to find a suitable /etc/ati/control file.
> a) Can you confirm that the "problem" with your card is that it is too
> new, not too old?

Too new.

> b) Can you make sure that /etc/ati/control is the same as the one
> shipped in the 11-5 package? To do this, first extract the fglrx-driver
> package in a dir of your choosing. Then copy the

I tried the ar -x *.deb

but not found. sorry I don't know other ways to extract

I also checked the /etc/ati/control which is not readable.

> ${dirname}/etc/ati/control file to /etc/ati/control. Reboot the xserver.
> If the card is too old we have to use an /etc/ati/control from an old
> driver instead.
> If the card is too new, and if the above does not work, we will probably
> have to wait for a more recent driver to be released.
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