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Re: Fwd: Re: [OT] Re: Defending yourself

In <pan.2011.>, Camaleón wrote:
>On Wed, 11 May 2011 23:24:30 -0500, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> On 2011-05-11 17:35:20 Freeman wrote:
>>>On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 08:30:49PM +0000, Camaleón wrote:
>>>> IMHO, that rule lacks the following preface: "Should a user states
>>>> his/ her desire to keep a private conversation..."
>> -1
>>>Unless the user states that it is a private email, or it is obviously
>>>discrete, the most expeditious thing is to forward it to the list.
>> It's nearly impossible to infer whether the sender meant the message to
>> be private or not.
>No, it is not.
>I am writing to a public mailing list and I expect that any reply to any
>of what I wrote on it is kept the same -public- and directed to the
>mailing list.
>So as I am not the one breaking the way a mailing list works, if I
>receive an e-mail _just directed to me_ (and not to the list) following a
>thread that is taking place in a public mailing list I can proceed as I

You can choose to break the Code of Conduct, yes.

However, the Code of Conduct is the expected behavior on the list.  If you are 
sent a message via private mail, the Code of Conduct says that you should not 
quote it (in full or in part) in mails to the list, without explicit 

>> Making the reply public and cause significant and
>> irreversible damage.  Whereas, keeping the reply private causes, at
>> most, temporary and reversible damage.
>Should the user wants to go private, he/she has to clearly state so in
>the message. If he/she does not, that's not my fault and I don't have a
>crystal ball to guess each user preferences on this matter.

This is seems to contradict your earlier statement (above) that it is not 
"nearly impossible to infer" the senders intent, by implying one would need a 
functional crystal ball in order to do so.

Since you don't have a crystal ball (i.e. find it nearly impossible to infer 
the senders intent), you should take the action that results in the least harm 
-- keep the reply private.  Failing that, you should follow the established 
Code of Conduct for the list -- keep the reply private.

You can chose not to conduct yourself as expected for the list, but it would 
not be appreciated.

If you'd like to change the Code of Conduct to align with your desires, I 
think you should take the issue up with the list masters.  I am willing to 
discuss the issue further, but I think you'll find convincing me that your 
behavior is in line with the Code of Conduct is an unlikely proposition.  Even 
if I were to be convinced that your behavior should be sanctioned (or at least 
tolerated) by the Code of Conduct, I am not in a position to change it.
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