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Re: Problem with Konquerer on one site

On 05/10/2011 05:50 PM, tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:
10/05/2011 23:16, Wayne Topa wrote:
On 05/10/2011 04:17 PM, Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 10 May 2011 14:41:43 -0400, Wayne Topa wrote:

Hi Guys


     I am unable to get konquerer to display the Maps at
<"http://www.jonasson.org/maps"; :-)

No,<http://www.jonassan.org/maps/>.  Which works in iceweasel. :-(

I am forced to use Konq due to
iceweasel attracting so many hits from the web that my monthly limit
would be exhausted in 2 weeks.  Oddly, konquerer does not get ANY hits
at all.

I'm not sure to have understood correctly that stanza.

Sorry.  I knew exactly what I meant but did not convey it properly.

When I connect to the net and do not have iceweasel running, I can get
mail or using Konqueror, I watch the output of if iftop and see normal
network connections from the dns server, ntp, and the site/sites I am
connected to.  Maybe 6 addresses at a time.

When I open iceweasel and connect to my page, Not the
Net, I get screen after screen full of ip addresses connecting to me on
many different ports and eating up my download allotment.  The downloads
to me stop on quiting iceweasel.  That being the case, I have concluded
the running iceweasel is NOT in my best interest,

I use Iceweasel and never noticed this behavior. Maybe you should play
with extensions like NoScript to have better control on what code your
browser executes.
You don't happen to run p2p software during/before this test, that would
generate a lot of hits.

So the question remains, can anyone confirm that konqueror can connect
to www.jonasson.org/maps/ and if so do they run it in KDE or another WM.

It kind'o work here, I get a working navigable map in a frame at the
left of the Konqueror window, but also a lot of garbage in the right
half of the window stating that I should zoom out to get a view.
Running kde (wheezy/sid amd64).

Well that confirms that I have something missing here that Konqueror needs that is not listed in the dependices and/or the suggests.

I will remove Konq for reasons before.

How can Iceweasel "generate" more web traffic and what relation has that
with using it or not? :-?

     If some could check the above link to see if they can see the maps
with konquerer, I sure would appreciate it.

I can't help here because I'm not using KDE ;-(

Neither do I but I need a browser that doesn't open up my system to
attack, so I have installed konqueror with all of it's dependences and

I am not sure you are using the right mean for what you want to achieve,
no web browser is "safe", or all are, it depends on what websites you
visit and how up to date the browser/pluggins/extensions are.
I may very well be wrong but Konqueror is kind of deprecated in the kde
environment, now dolphin is prefered for file management, and rekonq for
web browsing.

Thank You Sir!! rekonq Works fully and is showing only the dns server and ntp requests !! I will miss iceweasel with all its plugins but now I can surf without sharing my downloads with the uninvited guests.

I had been searching for other browsers and had not gotten to the 'r's yet.

Many, Many Thanks tv.debian.  You are the man!!

I also tried Opera but it seems that it only supports Portrait printing
and I need landscape.  Opera would be OK as far as it does not attract
the network either.

It does here, I can choose "landscape" or "portrait" in the printer
properties dialog from the Opera "print" screen.
As for being "safer", Opera is targeted by dedicated attacks from time
to time, see recently [1].

I am running opera 11.10.2092 on sid amd64 and the printer options are all grayed out so it is stuck at Portrait.

That is why I asked if anyone using konq could check the link for me.  :-)

I brought konqueror up in xterm and there are a bunch of problems listed

kdeinit4: preparing to launch /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_klauncher.so
Connecting to deprecated signal
kdeinit4: preparing to launch /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_kded4.so
QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method
kdeinit4: preparing to launch /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_kbuildsycoca4.so
kbuildsycoca4 running...
kbuildsycoca4(1778) KConfigGroup::readXdgListEntry: List entry MimeType
in "/usr/share/applications/grace.desktop" is not compliant with XDG
standard (missing trailing semicolon).
kdeinit4: preparing to launch /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_kconf_update.so
Connecting to deprecated signal
kdeinit4: preparing to launch /usr/lib/kde4/kio_file.so

No Javascript errors though.  Guess I can forget about using Konq as
well.  I do not want the baggage that installing KDE would bring in.

Maybe you are missing some Qt librairies ? (Wild guess)

In brief, review konqueror's javascript console and search for any error/
warning :-)


Thanks Again Cemaleon for the reply.


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