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Re: firmware-realtek (0.29) can't work at amd64

On Mon, 09 May 2011 15:05:12 +0800, spp mg wrote:

> I have rtl8191su wireless chip,and os is debian amd64 testing.
> I can compile source from RealTek in kernel 2.6.26,but the newer can't.
> So I try to use apt install the firmware-realtek (0.29).(I believe
> rtl8192 and rtl8191 use same source.),but it can't work too.
> And I try to use the i386 system( kernel 2.6.38, installed
> firmware-realtek (0.29)),it work perfect!
> How to solve this problem? thanks a lot . 

I'm not sure if you have already tried with any of the mentioned in this 
wiki page:


It seems the driver has been available since kernel 2.6.32-10 so it 
should also be present for 2.6.38-x and upwards :-?



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