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Re: Need /etc/apt/sources.list


Dotan Cohen wrote:
On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 22:44, Heddle Weaver <weaver2world@gmail.com> wrote:

The tinyurl server is giving a 500 error. Why on earth would you add
an unreliable, third-party link to the already fragile chain of HTTP?

I've never had a problem with tinyurl, you can even customize the links nicely and setup preview [1] by default.

And links can also have a "preview." prefix as well to help with acceptance and trust.

Debian also has "it's own" URL shortener [2] ..... but as the linked page states, it doesn't look like it is for general use as there are hoops to go through; btw they also have a preview feature as per the docs (different to tinyurl implementation).

I for one do not want tinyurl or any other company tracking what I do
online, injecting advertising, and breaking links that they don't
like. Please post a direct link.

That's a different matter.

Sometimes people have issues with wrapping URLs and long complicated links can be hard to read as well, but a preview at least gives you the option of not going somewhere completely blind.

One of the above links:
>> http://tinyurl.com/44opfms

Equivalent customized link:


And it's preview alternative [doesn't require preview to be turned on at tinyurl].


[1] http://tinyurl.com/preview.php?enable=1
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/deb.li

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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