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Re: OpenVPN with networkmanager

Op 05-05-11 15:57, Camaleón schreef:
> On Thu, 05 May 2011 15:32:59 +0200, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>> I try to use Networkmanager in Squeeze as OpenVPN client but I cannot
>> make a connection. The VPN what I have configured is grey and I cannot
>> start it.
>> In daemon.log there is no intersting information. I've als tried
>> "OPENVPN_DEBUG=1 /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-openvpn-service", but it
>> gives only a few warnings.
>> Can somebody give me a hint?
> IIRC, Squeeze had wired interfaces set as "unmanaged" in NM by default:
> http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkManager#NetworkManager_in_Squeeze
> If that's your situation, follow the indications of the "Enabling 
> Interface Management" section.

Ah, this helps. Now the connections are not grey anymore.

But because I have a complex network configuration here (a bridge for
Qemu), the internet does not work anymore. But I know now what the
problem is, thanks!

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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