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Re: KDE does not start any more

> More than a bug I'd say it sounds like a configuration issue with some
> files. And remember that you can also install the nvidia driver in the
> "hard way" (by downloading from nvidia site and compiling by yourself).
> In this case, note that you have to use the latest available version of
> the driver that provides support for you card model (I think is
> "173.14.30" :-?).
> Greetings,

Yes, and this is exactly the problem. I need 173.14.27 (which does not build 
with 2.6.38), as *.*.30 causes the bug. 

On the other hand, yes, maybe it would solve MY problem, but not the problem 
itself. I suppose this will be the preferred way, although I prefer the debian 
(=use of packages) way.

We will see, what happens.



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