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Re: Re: KDE does not start any more

Hi Camaleon, 

> Look at your "~/.xession-errors" file, maybe something fell in there.

> Greetings,

> Camaleón

Your hint was absolutely correct! I could find out, that the reason is caused 
by the nvidia-glx-173xx-package.

See here:

Could not open library ksmserver: Cannot load library 
/usr/lib/kde4/libkdeinit/libkdeinit4_ksmserver.so: (/usr/lib/libGL.so.1: 
undefined symbol: _nv000131gl)
ksmserver: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libGL.so.1: undefined symbol: 
startkde: Shutting down...
klauncher: Exiting on signal 1
startkde: Running shutdown scripts...
startkde: Done.
bluedevil-monolithic: Fatal IO error: client killed

Now I know the reason, but I cannot fix it! 

1. This old package cannot be downgraded due to dependencies.

2. The version before the actual (nvidia-)package cannot be built with kernel 

So I have no chance, to get it running at the moment, but to buy a newer 
graphics card. 

I filed no bugreport, as it seems, I am the only user, to use such an old 
graphics card (NVidia 5700 Ultra) with 3d-accelerated and propritrary driver.

Thank you very much for the pointing. Hopefully, kernel 2.6.39 will fix this.

Best regards and again, thanks for the help!


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