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Re: Poll - What Smartphone do you use?

On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 17:46 -0400, Brad Alexander wrote:
> Ditto. Have an N900 and an N810. It is a brick, but small price to pay
> for a hardware keyboard.

yes, the keyboard is really great and convenient to use.

> Have you looked in to the Community Seamless Software Update (CSSU)
> project? It is community project that has taken over for Nokia's
> bundle of support fail. One of the features of the CSSU is to provide
> rotation to most if not all apps.

yes, it's installed on my device also, but the problem is most of the
apps do not support rotating and are cut off...and some of the programs
could need some cosmetic work... ;)

but other than that there are really great features: 32GB storage
onboard, fm transmitter, acceptable camera and the device is quite
"open". no special rooting needed...

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