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Re: Poll - What Smartphone do you use?

shawn wilson wrote at 2011-05-03 13:19 -0500:
> Yeah but all of this means your Nokia is light years ahead of any idevice or
> Android of running linux.

If the n810 is lightyears ahead of other devices, that just accentuates how 
far behind the other devices are.

> Some hardware might not work but you can still
> have a custom linux kernel and run linux apps.

Yeah, I did get the console.  And a penguin while booting.  Not much else…

> For instance, I can ssh into my box from my phone and open vi. You can get
> vi and open it on your n800.

Well frankly I do not even want to run vi.  I prefer nano for a handheld 
device.  And "apt-get install nano" fails with "couldn't find package nano".  
So I have to build it myself.  Wait, aren't we talking about running 
*Debian*?  And what is Debian without its thousands of packages, ready to be 
installed with a simple command?

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