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Re: multiboot grub2

On Tue, 03 May 2011 00:19:20 -0700, consul tores wrote:

> i have a Laptop with Squeeze, OpenBSD-amd64-4.9, and Slackware64-13.37:
> and it is using grub2 as bootloader, (if i use lilo, it works correctly,
> but i want to evade bios check) grub2 can not recognize OpenBSD (what is
> not a problem), and it recognize Slackware, but can not start it. it
> only gets a simple panic. i have tested the Slackware installer dvd
> (kernel), successfully. Looking/playing inside /etc/grub.d, do not do
> any change! Slackware lilo is installed at sector 0 of Slackware
> partition.

What's the exact error?

> Could somebody tell me where could i see, please? or what could i do?

Are you chainloading LiLO from GRUB2 or are you directly booting 
Slackware from GRUB2 (and thus bypassing LiLO)? Whatever it be, test with 
the opposite.



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