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Re: Poll - What Smartphone do you use?

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 11:35 PM, giovanni_re <john_re@fastmail.us> wrote:
> Isn't it great to get to know your Debian community members, & things
> about them, like what kind of stuff they use?  Maybe that would be good
> stuff for _you_ to get at some point.  :)
> =
> So, today's poll is:
> What Smartphone do you use?
> Please reply to this message with:
> Manufacturer name   Model name, OS name, Cell Carrier name, Country you
> live in.

while phones have vulnerabilities (ie, android < 2.0 and many versions
of ios) i don't think this is very wise information to give out.

that is, debian users aren't the only ones who read these emails. i
have noticed 10x (or more) spam sense i've started reading mailing
lists. and, these lists are archived (for better or for worse). i try
to minimize how much personally identifiable information i provide on
these lists. asking about my phone is almost like asking how the lock
on my front door is pinned - most people won't know how to abuse the
information, but those who do would have an easy way in.

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