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Re: Canonical place to configure power management

On Sun, 01 May 2011 23:53:40 +0200, Kai Weber wrote:

> * Camaleón:
>> I think powertop is just giving you some hints on what you can tweak to
>> save your battery. You can ignore them or apply them, that's up to you.
> Thanks for the info but you missed my point.
> I am aware of the meanings of powetops recommendations. I want to know
> if any package in Debian provides an easy way to set settings like that.
> I thought pm-utils allows that.

I thought there were some hints on how to set that options in the link I 
provided and not necessarily involve the use of "pm-utils".

The question is, are you sure you want to set them at all? Sometimes 
those quirks do not work very well and enabling them just makes things 
worse ;-(



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