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Re: Need help setting up a home LAN

On 02/05/11 09:35, Paul E Condon wrote:

Anyway, I can't have a router that can have its administrative interface
shutdown without warning in the middle of the night. I'll have to
solve that before I can respond to your suggestions.

Is this just a matter of JavaScript? I don't think any box of this kind works without JS these days. I've had a Netgear DG834 for some time, and I've never had any trouble (once I'd told NoScript) in seeing it. That's usually from Sid, which presumably has a more recent IW, but I suspect that 'version 4' without further qualification refers to Netscape4 and IE4, which were contemporary and may have been the first to use JS. They were certainly the first to use many current HTML features.

       My DG834 says this without JS (latest FF 3.6.17 on XP, JS disabled):

       Checking JavaScript Support

To provide an enhanced user interface, this Router uses JavaScript extensively.

If this page is not quickly replaced, your Browser does NOT support JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your Browser, or use a different Browser.

But my firmware is late 2009, there may be a different message by now. Oh, and reboot it if you haven't already. This level of router isn't as resilient as it might be, and I've known routers (not certain if this one is one of them) to get scrambled and respond to pings but not anything more complicated. Big Red Switch time.

The DG834 can certainly do DHCP reservations, though I'm not sure about it accepting a hostname in a DHCP request. It might, but that depends on whether it has DNS-DHCP integration, which might have been left out of this kind of product. I have a Debian server with linked DHCP and DNS, so I don't use the router for either, but that is a bit of a drastic solution to this problem if you have no other use for a server. It's BIND9, by the way, not something you would casually put on a workstation, but there may be simpler packages as you suggest.

I suppose this is not the time to point out that you should have kept a record of the old router setup, but at least when you have this one working, you can backup its configuration. What is saved is nearly a text file, so it should be possible to work out what is going on from it.


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