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Re: New to Linux

On 04/21/11 09:21, Patrick Bartek wrote:
--- On Sat, 4/16/11, Andrei Popescu<andreimpopescu@gmail.com>  wrote:

On Vi, 15 apr 11, 22:26:54, Patrick
Bartek wrote:

So, I stand by my initial statement that Debian is not
suitable for
the Linux firsttimer.  I would never recommend it
to a noobie.  With
Debian, you need to know, at least somewhat, what
you're doing.

For mere users (no administration) Debian stable is
wonderful IMVHO.

It should also work if someone knowledgeable does the
initial install
and major upgrades and let the user do only security
(update-manager or even completely automated).

I wasn't referring to Linux users, those knowledgeable, either a little
> or a lot, in Linux.  My statement was about those who know nothing
about  Linux, not just nothing about Debian, almost all of whom are
Windows users, who unfortunately expect Linux to work like Windows,

I came from Win 3.1 directly to Debian (Bo, I believe) back when dpkg was the package manager. No Apt, no Aptitude, nothing GUI, just a command line and no automatic dependency resolution. It told you what was needed, but it wasn't going to get it for you.

I survived, and I am still here.

Marc Shapiro

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