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Re: Problem with Samba on Squeeze

On Sun, 01 May 2011 10:58:01 -0700, Roger Morgan wrote:

>> From: Camaleón
>> It looks something related to  authentication.
>> Is there anything interesting at samba logs? I know samba  logs are
>> pretty hard to understand :-) but maybe there is something in there 
>> that give you any clue.
> Here are the logs for the relevant time. 


Sadly those are pretty generic errors and don't tell much about the cause 
of the failure. Try by increasing samba log level¹ ("log level = 3"), 
restart samba daemons, run smbclient again and review again the logs.

P.S. 1 - Don't forget to restore to the previous samba log level or your 
disk will be quickly flooded :-)

P.S. 2 - Before sending the logs, review the content to avoid sending 
sensible data (replace/delete anything you don't want to be viewed by 




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