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Re: which -dbg to install

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 22:12:04 +0200, Arno Schuring wrote:

> since updating both gstreamer and alsa this afternoon, I'm having
> regular segfaults in quodlibet. However, since ql has not been updated I
> have no idea against which package I should file a bug.
> So, I set out to catch a core dump, and I'm trying to make sense of the
> backtrace but apparently I'm still missing some -dbg files. Here is what
> I have so far:


> warning: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error. [Reading
> symbols..]
> Core was generated by `python /usr/bin/quodlibet --start-playing'.

Have you tried to launch the app with no options or just crashes in the 
same manner? :-?

> As you can see, the segfault occurs in a thread without symbols. Will it
> make a difference if I install each and every -dbg package indicated by
> gdb (that's about a zillion-and-one packages), or am I facing a
> corrupted stack?

I agree that installing "-dbg" packages for gstreamer and gst-python can 
be an insane task -unless you have a testing machine where you can do and 
undo at your wish- :-). I don't know the package but maybe it is possible 
to recompile "quodlibet" with the symbols on it... just a wild-guess.
> I've now reverted to alsa-base from Squeeze, but that shows the same
> problem. Is there another way that I can get more info from a core dump,
> or should I just stick to downgrading/upgrading packages until I've
> found the cause?

Why not just opening a bug report on BTS against "quodlibet" and wait 
until someone tells you the next step? Should devels/packagers need the 
symbols then also tell you the exact required extra packages to get them.



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