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Re: file systems

On 05/01/2011 04:34 AM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> That 'opinion' is based, in part, on the following facts, many of
> which are in my previous posts to this list.  If you would like, to
> avoid expressing 'opinion' in the future, I could simply paste the
> following huge ass text into every email dealing with XFS, instead of
> using short hand subjective phrases such as 'XFS is the overall best
> Linux FS'.  The following, and additional evidence freely available,
> demonstrates this 'opinion' to be fact.
> All four US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) labs:
> LANL, LLNL, Oak Ridge, and Sandia, as well as NASA Ames and the US Air
> Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, have all used, or still
> use, XFS and/or CXFS on large scale storage, dozens of petabytes of
> XFS disk total.


> NASA Ames has been using XFS for 16+ years, and still do, on the
> 10,240 processor (originally) Columbia super and the archival
> servers.  They're currently running an 800TB CXFS filesystem on SAN
> storage, and local XFS filesystems on 215TB, 175TB, and 65TB direct
> fiber attached storage.


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