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Re: FullHD notebook support under Debian

> I'm addicted to Debian and I need a new notebook, but I don't like replacing
> my hardware too often.
> I don't mind using Sid/Experimental. I'm running Gnome 3 on
> an originally sarge computer by now and I'm very happy with it.

If it would be me, I'd take different approach. I'd find
hardware I like first. Then would check out if it works
in debian. Later, I'd search for exact hardware, regarding
I hardly assume any operating system to fit perfectly at
the very beginning. So, you will have to tweak a bit, not
to say x server. If you want to go cheap, you will miss
something from your original post. If it is for work and
company pays for...
For hardware on the desktop, white box serves better. That
way you might replace older graphic card that doesn't suit
Best regards


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